2006 – Scott Rickard, for her efforts in organising postgraduate events in Victoria.
2007 – Steven Maras, University of Sydney, for his efforts in maintaining ANZCA heritage.
2007 – Kerry McCallum, University of Canberra, for her efforts in encouraging membership in the Australian Capital Territory.
2008 – Lucy Morieson and Diana Bossio, ANZCA Postgraduate Representatives, 2007–2008.
2009 – Donald Matheson, University of Canterbury for his overall contribution to ANZCA.
2010 – Jolyon Sykes, for services as Secretary-treasurer.
Christina Spurgeon, Queensland University of Technology, for her contribution to the development of the ANZCA website.
2011 – Gerard Goggin, University of Sydney, for his behind-the-scenes support and guidance.
2012 – Steven Maras, University of Sydney, for his untiring committment to ANZCA and his management of the ANZCA listserves.
2013 – Alison Henderson, University of Waikato, for leading the ANZCA Publications Committee over the past two years and for supporting postgraduates and fellow colleagues.
2014 – Terry Flew, Queensland University of Technology, for his work on the ANZCA Publications committee, leading to the founding of the ANZCA journal, Communication Research and Practice.
2015 – Sue Turnbull, University of Wollongong, in recognition of her long service and friendship to ANZCA.
2016 – Janet Fulton, University of Newcastle, for establishing and maintaining the ANZCA conference handbook.
2017 – Jointly awarded to Michele Willson, Curtin University, for her ongoing efforts as regional representative in Western Australia and to Elizabeth Gray, Massey University, for the way she has kept the ANZCA flag flying with the peak Science, Technology and Humanities body in Aoterroa/New Zealand, The Royal Society.
2018 – Three awards:
Elizabeth Gray, Massey University, for her outstanding work in leading the 2018 conference
Roxanna Holdsworth, The University of Waikato, for her outstanding service in organizing the PhD/ECR event and representing PhD students
Jolyon Sykes for his outstanding commitment and work over many years as secretary, treasurer, and website editor-manager.
2019 – Two awards:
Kerry McCallum, University of Canberra.
Steven Maras, The University of Western Australia.

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