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ANZCA 2021 Conference

Melbourne, Australia | July 6–9, 2021 Hosted by the Media and Communications Program, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne THEME: Communication, Authority and Power The ANZCA 2021 conference will consider how various forms, institutions and practices of communication both involve and are affected by mobilisations of authority and power.  Communication has always been … Continued

ANZCA 2020 Conference

Due to the unpredictability of social distancing requirements and how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve, we have decided to postpone the ANZCA 2020 conference to July 2021. The conference will be hosted by the University of Melbourne, and an update will be circulated to ANZCA members and mailing list subscribers shortly.

ANZCA Conference 2019

The conference will interrogate the link between broad sociocultural dynamics and changes in communication, media and the arts, in an age of datafication. In a highly digitalised society, our transactions, communications, movements and relationships leave digital traces that can be collected and processed systematically and in massive volumes. This datafication of society has dramatically changed … Continued

2020 Henry Mayer Lecture

A former “Dunera boy” and media and political analyst, Professor Henry Mayer, died after a heart attack at his home in Lane Cove, Sydney, on Saturday. He was 71. The leading lecturer worked until his death, editing Media Information Australia, as a visiting professor of sociology at the University of NSW teaching on the sociology … Continued

ANZCA Conference 2018

The conference organizers have decided not to curate formal Proceedings for this year’s conference, rather in their place upload the full conference abstracts…

ANZCA Conference 2017

Welcome to the proceedings of the 2017 conference of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association, held at the University of Sydney. The conference invited reflections on the worlds of communication we inhabit, create and reshape – from ancient, modern and future communication worlds through to colonial and postcolonial worlds, activist and start-up worlds, ecologies, … Continued

ANZCA Conference 2016

Welcome to the proceedings of the 2016 conference of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association. Communicators world-wide are currently experiencing a global change that is as radical as the industrial revolution was. While we may not be able to properly see what it means clearly or have the distance as yet to give us … Continued

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