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We have a new website!

In the spirit of good communication, ANZCA has been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade and streamline the website. Discover our new features here.

An essential tool for communication in a well-established online world is a solid website, and at the foundation of any good website is excellent communication, usability, utility and clarity; which is why (as communications experts) it was time to put our knowledge to the test and update ANZCA’S existing website. 

Here are five features you’ll find on ANZCA’s updated website that we are sure will create a positive user experience. 


The rise of the information era once encouraged a maximalist attitude towards the volume of information appearing on a website. As such, designs became labyrinthine, with several clickthroughs and instructions required to direct you to the information you need. 

With a new design, ANZCA places usability at the fore, and the information you need is only a click or two away. 


Simplicity is key to any web design or a website’s function. Our web developers have taken it a step further to assure that not only the feel but the tone of the website remains sharp, crisp and summarised for simplicity’s sake. 


Websites are often functional platforms aimed to provide users with all the information they need. However, while functionality is essential, websites can often miss a key component in terms of maintaining a conversation with their audiences. 

The new ANZCA site has provided several opportunities to engage directly with members via our social media channels, remain up to date with research and opinion through subscriptions and memberships, get involved with the operations of our Association through donations…


In the physical world, beauty is subjective, conventional and skin deep. However, with website design, aesthetics become elements which can make or break credibility, and, most importantly, reflect the identity of an institution, brand or personality. 

A lot of care and detail was placed on the aesthetics of the new site, assuring that the visuals, textual tone, navigation and colour are reflective of ANZCA’s enduring communications legacy. 


An additional section featuring archived research papers, policy recommendations and our dossier will remain available to all ANZCA members on the new site. 

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